Clapham Refurbishment

The second colaberation with Roger Keusch Architecture was completed in May 2011.

Thanks to carefull planning and a well though-out programme for the construction phase, Acumen were able to accomodate a large portion of additional work within the agreed time-frame.

It was essential that the clients, who have a young family, could make firm plans regarding their alternative accomodation while the work was in progress on their main residence. During the final weeks, the site  was a hive of activity with Director Steve Bambridge taking a special interest to ensure the deadline was met.

The kitchen extension boasts a stunning framless glass roof and full width folding/sliding doors. The ordering and installation of these and other elements were managed by Acumen’s office based operations team.

The client had this to say;

After having spent several months designing our dream home with our architect, we started looking for a building company to whom we can trust making our dreams a reality within the budget that we have. After having scrutinised several companies, we chose Acumen due to their rigour and professionalism during the tender process and based on the high quality of their previous work.

6 months later, we couldn’t be any happier. We can’t really fault them. They were very flexible throughout the process and accommodated all our requests. Despite various revisions and additions, they finished the project on time and most importantly with a very high level of attention to details and very high quality finish. The whole team was very friendly and also very professional. They were each an expert in their field. They helped us reduce costs where possible, and also gave us impartial advise on additional works which they felt was necessary or beneficial in the long run.

We wholeheartedly recommend them…

Ps: A very special thanks goes to Steve. While watching him work, sometimes we couldn’t help but think that he was working as if this was his own house… “.

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